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QUAD, a world-class developer, manufacturer and integrator of NMR spectrometer components, is based in Switzerland and is in business to ensure you obtain the finest results, time after time.

Your NMR operations can be optimised using QUAD Systems at a lower total cost of ownership. To help you to deliver the most efficient spectrometer parts to suit your specific requirements, we’ve assembled a highly skilled team by working with specialists in several fields around the world.

Our work is based around our company’s DNA. Our vision, mission and values help us to work at such a high level and deliver great results. Our vision? We champion what NMR Spectroscopy can do. Our mission is to provide incisive solutions to complex, technical problems. Finally, our values are to join forces, be accessible, be relentless and be sustainable.

Our history

Dr. Klemens Kessler founded QUAD Systems in March 2020 to promote the capabilities of NMR Spectroscopy.

Innovation has always been at the heart of everything we do and always will be. It’s essential for expanding the possibilities for NMR Spectroscopy, which is exactly what we want to help researchers across the world achieve. We’re constantly innovating by creating new, cutting-edge products that address pressing issues by paying attention to what our customers and the larger NMR community want and need – for us, it’s about fighting for those needs and wants.

Every member of our team has over 20 years’ experience in NMR research and business development. We already have a sizable number of patents, and we’re currently working to increase these to improve NMR Spectroscopy.

In our Zurich headquarters, we have designated display spaces, and we’re currently expanding to other significant markets, each with its unique applications and service support capabilities. To prepare for future expansion, we recently established a presence in the UK in Milton Keynes.

The faces of QUAD

Our team is what makes QUAD, as they work tirelessly to make QUAD the well-oiled machine that it is. So, meet our team:

Dr Klemens Kessler, Founder –  with the goal of reviving innovation in NMR, Klemens put together a top-quality team of highly-skilled and accomplished magnetic resonance specialists.

As a technical director for Bruker in Switzerland, Klemens, who is a physics PhD graduate from ETH Zurich, led the development of NMR probes.

Through QUAD Systems, Klemens, who has extensive experience and technical understanding in innovation, research and development, is championing the potential of NMR Spectroscopy.

Dr Jeremy Lea, Commercial Director – Jeremy has a wealth of experience in senior management and board roles as a skilled and strategic commercial director who has contributed to real business growth and progress.

Jeremy has a solid foundation in science, particularly in the development of cutting-edge technologies, and he has also held a position as a scientist. In addition to redesigning sales tactics, value propositions, relationships, channels and collaborations to achieve company success, his knowledge also spans significant acquisitions, change management and research and development.

Dr Victor Pytlewski, US Sales and Support Manager – Victor is a creative sales professional with experience creating and implementing strategies across a variety of channels to surpass revenue and cost-saving targets.

Victor has more than 15 years’ demonstrated experience in analytical Spectroscopy, a master’s degree in physical chemistry from the University of Arizona and a passion for improving research, education and community management.

Dr Peter Scherer, Product Manager – in order to ensure goods are coupled to offer the best performance, Peter, a former microbiologist with a long and successful career in NMR Spectroscopy, lends his skills to QUAD’s product development and management.

To ensure that you receive the best system possible for your particular application, QUAD works directly with you to design bespoke solutions.

For more information on what we do and how we can help, click here. Alternatively, you can browse our products here.

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QUAD works closely with you to develop bespoke solutions, so you get the optimum system for your individual application.