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In NMR spectroscopy, not all parts are made equal. The probe is an extremely important aspect of the NMR spectrometer at the heart of the technology, in terms of exciting nuclear spins and detecting the NMR signal. But how did this vital component develop? 

The early days of NMR probes 

Following the discovery of NMR spectroscopy in the 1940s, early probes were rudimentary and bulky, designed primarily to handle the basic task of detecting magnetic resonance signals from nuclei. 

These early probes utilised simple solenoid coils and were limited in sensitivity and resolution, however, they laid the foundation for future advancements for NMR to be a powerful analytical tool. 

Over the next few decades, probes were refined, creating significant improvements to the technology. This included the introduction of superconducting magnets to allow for higher magnetic field strength, which in turn improved the resolution and sensitivity of NMR measurements to increase the potential of NMR spectroscopy.  

Innovative solutions 

In the early 2000s, QUAD Systems very own CEO, Klemens Kessler, developed the broadband observe cryoprobe, which was a significant advancement in NMR technology. The probe used the enhanced sensitivity of a cryoprobe in combination with broadband capability to enable the observation of a wide range of nuclei without the need to switch probes. This was a gamechanger in the industry, improving the efficiency and capability of probes in NMR spectroscopy exponentially. Today, Klemens continues to use his knowledge of probe technology to create innovative solutions in the industry.

An image of a probe

Modern innovations keep technology moving 

The 21st century has continued to push the boundaries of NMR probe technologies, with versatile probe design and microprobe technology. 

At QUAD Systems, we’re continuing to lead innovations as the world’s foremost probe developer, unlike other probes which tune in minutes, ours tune in just seconds; improving the efficiency of your laboratory. 

If your probe is reaching the end of its life, don’t let this affect the accuracy of your results. At QUAD System, we’re offering a trade-in deal that will provide you with the market’s leading probe at 20% cheaper than our current price.

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