QUAD Systems

Working closely with a worldwide network of dynamic partners, QUAD continually champions what NMR spectroscopy can do


Incorporating our unrivalled probe technology with new magnet and automation designs and  state-of-the-art rf electronics to provide an NMR solution tailored to each customer’s needs.

Creating the perfect experimental environment with new designs to provide the performance you need, while minimising operational costs.

Combining the latest technology with optimised radio-frequency electronics, delivering a user-focused instrument with complete research capability.

World-leading expertise in the design, manufacture and application of NMR probes, delivering unmatched performance.

Our shim systems are developed to combine perfectly with our new magnet designs, and they can also be retrofitted to existing OEM magnet systems.

Sample changers and automation systems that can be configured to individual customer needs and magnet types to offer the greatest efficiency in NMR studies.

QUAD works closely with you to develop bespoke solutions, so you get the optimum system for your individual application.