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Our products and solutions are in touch with a diverse set of problems in chemistry, material science, polymers, life science, biotechnology and clinical research. We allow our approach to be defined by the interactions and experiences with our clients. 

Quad Routine NMR Probe

NMR Probe

This 5mm two RF-channel probe version is highly versatile. It allows the measurement of X nuclei, including 19F, with 1H decoupling (and vice versa) with optimized sensitivities on both circuits. With 19F accessible on both the X and 1H channel, correlation experiments such as 13C with 19F become possible as well. The fast channel adjustment (FCA) technology ensures a fast, precise and reliable adjustment of all probe channels without drift, hysteresis, or mechanical play.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for highest versatility
  • Highest performance for 19F on 1H coil
  • 400MHz: SNR 1H = 500:1 (EB, 200Hz noise range)
  • Swiss High Precision Manufacturing
  • Standard SNR for 1H and 13C
  • 400MHz: SNR 13C = 200:1 (ASTM, 40ppm noise range)
  • Complete compatibility with Bruker and Agilent/Varian system architectures
  • Temperature range -50°C to 130°C
  • Available for 300-600 MHz
  • Other frequencies on request

Download the specifications for our 400, 500, 600 MHz Probes:

QUAD Customized NMR Probes

On the base of our well-proven FCA (Fast Channel Adjustment) probe platform, we build probes to fit your specific application, optimized for best results.

Grade of customization:

  • Liquid probes for 300-1200MHz
  • Sample diameter: 1.7mm -20mm
  • NMR nuclei –channel- organization to fit your application.
  • Complete compatibility with Bruker and Agilent/Varian system architectures
  • Temperature range -50°C to 130°C


Delivering best performance with low signal to noise ratio. We are using the newest rf-coil design with fully automated tuning and matching.


Two years of built-in warranty and 10 years replacement parts available. High quality materials to ensure long product lifetime.


Key to QUAD is our modular design concept, this allows an NMR Probe to be highly flexible and operated at a variety of frequencies in order to study various nuclei.  


Sustainability is a key design feature built into our products and is a fundamental part of our development.

Typical technical specs

QUAD 400 X,F/H,F-D-05-Z is a two radio frequency channel probe, optimized for X detection. The X channel covers 19F and the nuclei range between 31P and 15N. The second probe circuit can be tuned either for 1H or 19F. The probe is equipped with actively shielded single-axis gradient. All channels including lock can be tuned and matched without removing the probe. The probe can be operated at temperatures between -50°C and +100°C.