QUAD Systems


Market-leading high-performance probe designs, enabling:
  • High sample throughput
  • High sensitivity
  • Low maintenance costs.
All QUAD probes are equipped with a probe base, containing our patented fast-tuning and matching technology.
Tune and match is in place for all nuclei within seconds, including lock.

Standard probes

  • Each QUAD probe is equipped with actively shielded single-axis gradient. All channels including lock can be automatically tuned and matched. The probes can be temperature optimised and operated at temperatures between -100°C and +150°C.
  • 19F on X and 1H channel enabling 19F {1H} and eg13C (19F)
  • Full access to all nuclei around 2H on the X channel.

Proton-optimised probes

  • 1H optimised proves H/X and H/C/N (500-900+ MHz)
  • Superior 1H sensitivity and water suppression
  • Highest performance for 19F on 1H coil.

Customised probes

  • 300-900+ MHz
  • Designed for your application
  • Focusing on your nuclei of choice
  • 2-20mm sample tubes accommodated
  • Able to be fitted to all OEM magnets.

Typical console specifications:

400 500 600 Sample
1H > 500:1 > 650:1 > 850:1 0.1% ethylbenzene in chloroform-D
1H > 120:1 > 160:1 > 200:1 2mM sucrose in 90% H2O/10% D2O
13C > 200:1 > 250:1 > 300:1 ASTM (40% dioxane in benzene-D6)

QUAD works closely with you to develop bespoke solutions, so you get the optimum system for your individual application.