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In the future, tailored medicine is one area where NMR could advance. The study of phenotypes can aid in the delivery of a focused treatment for common ailments thanks to new high-throughput NMR technology.

Phenotype research can show how our environment, including what we consume, how we live and where we live, affects our health. One way that NMR can be useful in this sector is by enabling researchers to examine the various metabolites and metabolic pathways and attempt to link each one to a specific disease. The state of someone’s health can therefore be determined by their metabolic characteristics.

In this context, NMR has the advantage of analysing samples without altering them and can search for analytes with low concentrations in samples.

Building a database of all the metabolic profiles in samples under identical conditions is the first step in the metabolomics process, which is followed by an analysis of the spectra to look for signs of disease.

The shifting NMR spectra would indicate changes in each person’s phenotype if many people were monitored and the analysis was performed repeatedly throughout time. Using this knowledge, it may be possible to determine which environmental factors influence phenotype changes and which phenotype changes may result in particular diseases.

Doctors will then be able to establish a customised treatment plan and comprehend the origins of disease as a result.

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