QUAD Systems


At QUAD SYSTEMS we are excited to inform you that we are strengthening our current partnership with our long-term collaborator in NMR electronics and products, Nanalysis.  As we share many common goals to make NMR spectroscopy more accessible to the scientific community and to accelerate QUAD product and business development, Nanalysis has provided QUAD SYSTEMS with a convertible loan with an agreed future further investment to aid the growth of QUAD SYSTEMS.  This closer working relationship will benefit both companies as they develop,  commercially growing their individual sales and service functions and seeking greater synergies in product development.  Both companies see a strong outlook in expanding their presence in their own market areas and applications.

Happy New Year !!!
At QUAD we wish all our customers and collaborators a prosperous and healthy 2022.
As we make our first deliveries this year, we look forward to providing innovative and exciting NMR products to expand the application and use of NMR spectroscopy.
Watch out in the coming weeks for our planned series of product launches throughout the year.

At QUAD SYSTEMS we are excited by the progress we are making with our innovative developments and we look forward to sharing these with our customers over the coming months. Contact us to discuss our latest updates and hear directly the details on the outstanding performance of our probes and NMR products.
May we also take this opportunity to wish you and your families a peaceful holiday period and a prosperous 2022.

QUAD SYSTEMS AG are delighted to announce that our new UK subsidiary QUAD SYSTEMS LTD was founded last month with Dr. Jeremy Lea appointed as local Director. The UK site will be involved in all aspects of our business from development through to system sales and customer support. We look forward to the UK company contributing to the growth of QUAD SYSTEMS and supporting the UK NMR community more closely.

Become part of the QUAD family by collaborating with us and get exclusive access to our latest developments. As a partner we will work with you to optimize your NMR spectrometer and help you gain the most from your NMR experiments. QUAD SYSTEMS is focused to drive our development towards exciting new NMR products and to promote our fresh approach to the applications of NMR by working with the NMR community. Take this opportunity to help the expansion of NMR and benefit from the wind of change QUAD SYSTEMS offers.