QUAD Systems

About QUAD

At QUAD, we collaborate with subject-matter specialists across different sectors to create distinctive components that tackle your technological issues and provide enlightening answers. Our RF electronics, automation designs, magnets, and probe technologies can all be customised to meet your unique Read more…

Using service contracts

Service agreements are a priceless resource for researchers since they enable them to maintain the functionality and smooth operation of their sophisticated equipment. But when it comes to NMR, many scientists need this type of equipment for their specific research, Read more…

Quad Systems Instrument Data Set

Just one of the data sets we are producing now on our QUAD SYSTEMS instrument. The experimental parameters are: clean-CITY (TOCSY) clcity-GPPHPR (States-TPPI)NA=16, DS=64, Spinlock time=60ms, RepTime=2.7s, NB_2D=512, ExpTime6hQUAD SYSTEMS have a large experimental pulse sequence library. Please suggest experiments Read more…

QUAD works closely with you to develop bespoke solutions, so you get the optimum system for your individual application.