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Time for a new probe?

Trade in your old probe for a new market-leading probe, 20% cheaper than our competitors.

Innovative probe design is at the heart of QUAD Systems, with our very own CEO Dr Klemens Kessler designing the broadband probe in the early 2000s.
In 2024, we remain the world’s foremost probe developer, with probes that tune in seconds rather than minutes.
If your probe is reaching the end of its lifespan and its performance is decreasing, it will affect the accuracy of your results. Ensure precision and streamline your processes with:
  • Patented fast-tuning and match technology
  • Tune and match for all nuclei within seconds, including lock
  • High sample throughput and sensitivity
  • Low maintenance costs.

Order today for delivery in just 5 months.

Your QUAD Systems probe comes with a two-year warranty and comprehensive training, so you can level up your research for 20% cheaper than our competitors.

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