QUAD Systems


QUAD’s consoles are based on the well-proven Cameleon4TM technology and easy-to-use NMR Software SPINit from Nanalysis.

Typical console specifications:

Amplitude/phase/frequency resolution 12/16/32 bit
Timing resolution/ minimum duration 12.8 ns / 115.2 ns
Spectral width up to 4.88 MHz
Bandwidth 2.4 MHz
Gradient amplifier 10 A
Voltage 150-264 Vac (1500W)
Frequency 47-63 Hz
Single phase
Dimensions and weight 500/600MHz: 66cm wide, 64cm deep,
110cm tall (including wheels), 100kg
Electronic cabinet 400MHz: 66cm wide, 64cm deep,
110cm tall (including wheels), 80kg
Preamp external
Power dissipation 2 channel system: max 2300 W/ 20A at

QUAD works closely with you to develop bespoke solutions, so you get the optimum system for your individual application.