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We’re excited to be installing new probes at several key locations. These probes are being evaluated and employed to expand their applications and ranges, as well as breaking down accessibility barriers.

Our research groups will be providing invaluable feedback on the accessibility of our probes in specific areas. This information will guide our developments, ensuring our new users receive the highest standards in probe production.

As customers will be able to sample our probes’ applications and ranges, it’ll make it easier for them to make an informed choice to select the most suitable specification for their research.

Selecting a probe for your experiment

The type of probe to use for your experiment depends on sample solubility, sample quantity and the types of nuclei to be detected. Probes can also be designed to accommodate multiple sizes of NMR tubes.

We have a range of probe designs enabling high sample throughput, high sensitivity and low maintenance costs. All QUAD probes are equipped with a probe base, containing our patented, fast-tuning, and matching technology. Tune and match for all nuclei within seconds, including lock, to control the magnetic field

You can choose from our standard probes, proton-optimised probes, and customised probes here.

What barriers are you facing in your field? We want to listen and advocate for all our customers and the wider NMR community to inform the development of our probes and other components.

For more information on our probes or any of our other systems, get in touch.

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