QUAD Systems

The lifespan of a probe

Probes can be delicate and tricky to handle, so it’s important that they’re cared for correctly to minimise damage. Here are some tips on how to handle probes and extend their lifespan: For more information on any of our systems, get in touch. To keep up to date on NMR Read more…

Using service contracts

Service agreements are a priceless resource for researchers since they enable them to maintain the functionality and smooth operation of their sophisticated equipment. But when it comes to NMR, many scientists need this type of equipment for their specific research, however, service costs might be out of their budget. Service Read more…

New demo lab

News about our new demo lab in Zurich Preparations for our first customer demonstrations are well underway and we are looking forward to announcing that our demo lab is open to run customer samples soon.  We will be taking bookings in the near future to show the capabilities of our Read more…

Quad Systems Instrument Data Set

Just one of the data sets we are producing now on our QUAD SYSTEMS instrument. The experimental parameters are: clean-CITY (TOCSY) clcity-GPPHPR (States-TPPI)NA=16, DS=64, Spinlock time=60ms, RepTime=2.7s, NB_2D=512, ExpTime6hQUAD SYSTEMS have a large experimental pulse sequence library. Please suggest experiments we can add to this library, thank you.