QUAD Systems

About Us

QUAD (Quantum Analytical Detection) Systems was founded in 2020 by Dr Klemens Kessler as a world-class developer, manufacturer and integrator of NMR spectrometer components.

With headquarters based in Zurich, Switzerland, QUAD collaborates with specialist expertise worldwide to form the best possible team to develop individual spectrometer components.


To champion what NMR spectroscopy can do.


Incisive solutions to complex technical problems.


Join forces | Accessible | Relentless | Substantial.

With decades of combined NMR experience, our specialist team works within a network of highly-experience partners across the globe, providing new, innovative solutions with outstanding performance for demanding applications in NMR spectroscopy.

We hold a strong patent portfolio and are continuing to grow our IP to expand the accessibility of our innovations across the NMR community, boosting overall performance.

Dr Klemens Kessler


With a PhD in Physics from ETH Zurich, Switzerland, Klemens drove NMR probe development as a technical director for Bruker in Switzerland. With extensive experience and technical knowledge in innovation research and development, he brings his vision and expertise to champion the possibilities of NMR spectroscopy through QUAD Systems.

Dr Jeremy Lea

Commercial director

Following a research career in resonance studies on drug metabolism, Jeremy built his NMR experience with Bruker, rising to MD of Bruker UK. Jeremy is responsible for all activities relating to customer interaction at QUAD, applying his experience to create a seamless customer experience.

Dr Peter Scherer

Product manager

Having a long and extensive career in NMR spectroscopy, Peter applies his experience in both QUAD’s product development and management to ensure products are combined to deliver the highest possible performance.

Dr Victor Pytlewski

US sales and support manager

Victor has a long career in the distribution and support of NMR spectrometers. With a complete focus on customer requirements, Victor will ensure that customers in the Americas will receive the highest level of support as QUAD builds its presence in the USA.

QUAD works closely with you to develop bespoke solutions, so you get the optimum system for your individual application.