QUAD Systems


Championing what NMR spectroscopy can do.

QUAD Systems employs world-leading technologies to develop, manufacture and integrate NMR spectrometer components for research and science. We continually champion what NMR spectroscopy can do for you, with guaranteed deliverables to match your individual specification.

When faced with complex technical problems, you need incisive solutions that are:




Cost-effective (lower total cost of ownership)






NMR spectroscopy should drive your research forward – increasing throughput and decreasing experimental time, so you can focus on the results.

Working closely with specialist experts in different fields of spectroscopy worldwide, we’re focused on delivering the best solution for your individual application – customising our approach and solutions to meet your needs and support your system’s ongoing use.

QUAD offers:

  • A full range of standard and specialised probes, with guaranteed deliverables to meet your individual requirements.
  • Upgrades to existing system consoles, probes, shim systems, sample changers and automations to ensure maximum system performance and prolong the lifetime of magnets.
  • Complete NMR systems at 400 and 600 MHz.

QUAD Systems is a Swiss company with a strong, dynamic and extensive network of partners all working to the highest standards of precision and quality.